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LUXUR is an interior and architectural design firm established in 2010. The award-winning team works across a wide range of interior design and architectural projects, including residential, commercial to retail fit-outs. The directors have honed their extensive expertise and experience over 25 years of collective practice leading the design and delivery of high distinctive projects. 

LUXUR is a dynamic practice offering a comprehensive of services including design concept, project management, and construction services. The team works closely with clients, suppliers, and consultants ensuring the projects are executed in a timely and efficient manner. LUXUR is highly committed and involved to monitor the progress of the projects.


With the office based in Singapore, LUXUR expands the project locations into Malaysia, The Middle East, Australia, and Myanmar.  

"We are a diverse, passionate group of creatives committed to delivering impactful designs through exploration and collaboration"





To be one of the leading firms, LUXUR sheers away from cookie-cutter design and emphasis on harmonizing design, art, and culture, to create a unique character for each project. LUXUR is not driven by any particular "style", instead, the team enhances the constant balance of practical needs and creates dazzling space, integrating with dramatic expression — be it inventive, funky, contemporary, bespoke, or nostalgic. 


LUXUR is capable to provide conceptual solutions complete with the best use of the space, materials, and technology. Integrating with the high-quality design attitude and friendly managing strategy – LUXUR brings itself into a niche market for individual design impressions.

"We are the team to create spaces that we all can be proud of; by personalizing and crafting every detail "

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